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Mayar and Tuqa.. a "heart" completed in a photo, burnt with absence

12 مايو 2023 - 23:22

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The story begins here: two hearts met for the love of life, two small butterflies on a table in one classroom. The two friends, Mayar Izz al-Din and Tuqa al-Dalu, who completed a heart with their fingers in a picture that the occupation decided not to do, when the first ghost of “death” was sent to the house in the form of a booby-trapped plane.
Mayar was martyred, accompanied by her brother Ali (8 years old), and her father, the liberated prisoner, Tariq Ezz El-Din, who was deported from Jenin. She left her mother, an older brother, and another two-year-old.
Tuqa’s mother says: “It is not easy for them to meet the sons and daughters of their uncles and uncles, except to her, the daughter of an exile from Jenin who has no relatives in Gaza, tuqa, and many female friends who loved her, are crying over the pain of separation that time will not heal.
Taqa's mother says: "It is not easy to tell your child that her best friend was martyred while she was sleeping, dreaming of the joy that tomorrow will bring. It is not easy to tell her that your life will change from today, that you will go on your way alone without your mate of the soul, and half of the heart is Mayar.
Tuqa (11 years old) did not stop crying, the memories never allowed her to take a breath, and all she feels is that her "heart broke". They deprived her of her "soul sister, and the echo of her voice," as her mother likened her. Tuqa says to "Nawa": "Mayar, this is not only my friend. Mayar is the sweetheart of my soul."
asks her mother a thousand times a day: "Why did she leave? How did she leave me so alone? Even Ali, that brat who always makes me angry after work ends. How did they go like this?", And she adds: "I can't believe until this moment, I feel like I'm in a dream, what did I do For them to kill her while she is sleeping?
Tuqa is in a state of shock, calculating every moment, for the day she will go back to school and see Mayar's desk empty, cold, without her radiant laughter. And she adds, "Her last laugh was when the upbringing teacher told us the lessons that were omitted from the subject for the final exam. I was very happy, and she continued to kiss and hug the book, while I was laughing.
Nothing resembles what Tuqa is experiencing today. Mayar was the medicine for her heart when she was grieving. She told us: “Whenever an annoying situation happened to me at school, or I didn't get a good mark in my exams, she would hug me, stay by my side until I calmed down, and tell me: Finish upsetting you, you will compensate her, come to play in the break and forget the anger.”
Lots of pictures, voice conversations, and messages are all that remains of Mayar's scent, and a "gift" she brought to her on a nice Ramadan day. Tuqa goes back to that memory and says: "Oh God, if only I knew. I would see her and tell her that I love her so much."
On that day, Mayar visited Tuqa’s house after her hand was broken. She brought her a special gift, similar to the gifts of innocent children, a beaded bracelet that she had made for her with her own hands, a card that she had cut out the letters of her name and pasted on it, and a pink diary, in which she recommended that the first letter in the diary will be for her , and a box of earrings because she knows she loves the accessories.
She added, and could not help herself from crying: “During this period, she used to write all the lessons for me on the notebook, and she would ask me to take my notebooks for her so that she would transfer the lessons back to her notebooks at home...And when My mother used to tell her, “no ... Write to yourself,” and when you went, take pictures of the notebooks and I will write it for Tuqa, In order not to miss lessons .She was not satisfied, she always said: "Don't worry, I don't get tired of Tuqa.
The two friends often talked about their dreams, and how one day they would study medicine together. Mayar told Tuqa’s mother once that she was waiting for the summer vacation impatiently to go out with Tuqa and their friend Sama too to eat ice cream, and she added on one condition: “But at the beginning of the vacation because I want to travel, my aunt will take me from Jordan to Jenin so that I can see my father's and mother’s family, my uncles and aunts, and my maternal uncles.” And my aunts, because I have never seen them, nor have I seen my city, Jenin.”
Tuqa talks about a strong sadness that strikes Mayar's heart whenever the weekend approaches. All the students talk about visits to their grandparents' homes, and the time they meet with their cousins ​​and uncles, except for her, a daughter of an exile from Jenin who has no relatives in Gaza.
Tuqa hugs her notebook, and adds: "She asked me to make the first letter in it for her, and she did not know that I would not write in this notebook to another person accept her.
The state of shock that children was killed with their parents in the Israeli bombing that targeted several houses in separate areas of the Gaza Strip also affected Aya Sabri, as her daughter leen is a friend in Mayar’s class as well.
She wrote, "I did not sleep for a single minute, and I am still waiting until this hour for fear that Leen will wake up before me. She loved Mayar very much, loved to accompany her, and listened to her very much. She will be saddened by another trip that “Mayar” preceded all the friends, the persistent child, the repeated name, and the beautiful face. She left at the moment when all her concern for this evening was “what will I choose for the needs of the trip.”
Mayar passed away accompanied by her brother Ali and their father, while her belongings were scattered and her departure bled the hearts of her friends, colleagues, and everyone who knew or heard about her, or saw her pictures that filled with life. Mayar passed away with her father who loves her, and her brother Ali, who has a beautiful smile, and the pain remained a constant companion for her mother who lost The husband and two of her children in one moment, so she does not know which of them to say goodbye to, and they chose to leave together.